Executive Administrator – Tanya (Thomas) Cothran

Tanya - SIA Executive Administrator

Greetings! I am honored to have served as SIA Administrator since August 2007.

I earned my BA in Geography, with a minor in Spanish, at the University of California, Berkeley (2001-2005). In December 2009, I graduated with my Master’s in Library and Information Science degree from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. My educational training taught me about sustainable development, world ecosystems, and the organization and dissemination of information. During my childhood, I had the opportunity to travel with my parents and sister to Australia, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and parts of the South Pacific and Europe.

At a young age, my interest in non-profit work was inspired by my grandparents, Jim & Barbara Thomas. Jim was a founding Board Member of SIA and a past-president of Camps Farthest Out International (CFOI).

I hope these past experiences, my spiritual practice and my dedication to supporting others will serve as a foundation for my work spreading peace and empowerment throughout the world.


SIA Small Business Fund Coordinators

(For more information about our Coordinators and their work, visit our Small Business Fund page.)

Canaan Gondwe (Malawi)

Canaan Gondwe (Mzimba, Malawi)

Dennis Kiprop (Kenya)

Dennis Kiprop (Eldoret, Kenya)

Nalu Prossy (Uganda)

Nalu Prossy (Iganga, Uganda)




Godfrey Matovu (Uganda)

Godfrey Matovu (Kasozi Village, Busembatia, Uganda)

Ofonime Nkoko (Nigeria)

Ofonime Nkoko (Akwa Ibom, Nigeria)


Wambui Nguyo (Nairobi, Kenya)


The SBF Coordinators all together! (L to R) Back Row: Godfrey (Uganda), Dennis (Kenya), Boyd (Board member). Front Row: Canaan (Malawi), Ofonime (Nigeria), Tanya (me), Nalu (Uganda), Wambui (Kenya)

The SBF Coordinators together in Kasozi, Uganda, July 2014 (L to R) Back Row: Godfrey (Uganda), Dennis (Kenya), Boyd (Board member, USA). Front Row: Canaan (Malawi), Ofonime (Nigeria), Tanya (Exec. Administrator), Nalu (Uganda), Wambui (Kenya)