Dancing with Joy

Watch this video and be instantly transported to Manyamula Village, Malawi. Boyd and I were greeted with singing, dancing, and testimonies of SIA’s impact in their community. We welcome you to join in on the celebration!

*See the transcript below.

I am Linly Nkhata, Vice-Treasurer [of the Manyamula Savings and Loans Group]. I come from Sacara Village. I am also thankful for the [Spirit in Action] Small Business Fund and it has assisted me.

I started a small grocery. Inside of that grocery I made a profit and I bought a cow.

Now as I’m talking, the cow has multiplied! I drink the milk. I sell the milk and the cow is producing manure for my farm. [Everyone applauds.] Out of the money from the milk, I am also able to feed the dairy cows [good food].

Before I say anything else I want to sing a song! [Sings.]

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2 Comments on "Dancing with Joy"

  • marsha johnson says

    Oh my gosh! This is sooooo beautiful. There’s nothing like being surrounded by this amazing music. Big smiles and blessings to Tanya, Boyd, Canaan and all the Manymula community.



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