Laptops in Zimbabwe

Last year two generous contributors donated used laptop computers to SIA. After clearing the memory, we distributed them to 2 long-time SIA partners to use in their service in their community. As you can image, the benefits of receiving even an old laptop computer are great for our international partners.

Musindo uses the laptop from Spirit in Action.

Musindo uses his new laptop sent from Spirit in Action.

The first donated computer was sent to Musindo Sibiya in Chipinge, Zimbabwe, who is trained in computer repair but without a computer of his own. Not content to just use the laptop for their own benefit, Musindo is taking on projects to Share the Gift with many other households in his community. He will print calendars, wedding cards, invitation cards and posters informing the community about public events as well as health awareness campaigns.

Musindo has already secured two contracts to print report cards for two schools with a total enrollment of 1500 students, making an arrangement with the school development committee for a deposit payment to buy a printer. In addition to report cards, he will also print medical cards for patients at clinics in our community. “I will charge affordable fees for my services so that I will be able to sustain myself and keep the laptop working.”

Musindo continues, “I thank all the staff at SIA and everyone who made it possible for this donation to be successful.  I want to share this letter so that others can come to know the good work that SIA is doing for God’s people around the world.

What will Musindo use to charge the laptop battery? A solar panel – very cool!

**If you have a used laptop with some life left in it to contribute to our international coordinators, contact SIA at: or (831) 227-1169.

Thank you!

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  • admin says

    I received an update from Musindo this week. He writes,

    “Dear sister Tanya,
    It is with much pleasure that I thank you so much again for all your services to God’s people around the world. Many people are being enriched spiritually, economically, physically and socially through your outreach services. This is truly God’s spirit in action.

    Solar panels cost US$150-200. The solar panel can power the computer and the printer for a long time using free solar energy.

    Thank you again for all your prayers,support,love,guidance and encouragement.
    In God,s Love

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