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Rose is a member of the Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative and received a low-interest loan to open her shop. She is now eating and dressing better and she was able to buy a good bed.

Better than Begging

We call our Small Business Fund grants “seed grants.” Sure, some of them may go to purchase actual seeds for family farms. The reason for the label, though, is that we are planting investment seeds with the hope of cultivating successful, sustainable, blossoming businesses. They are not intended to be one-time gifts that are sunk, […]

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Kubadwa (left) has shared the gift with Kamanya Zuru. He gave him two plates of bean seed and showed him about how to plant  the seeds, use compost manure and double dig the beds to prep them for planing.

Dreaming of Spring

Much of the country is buried in snow this week and it has me dreaming of spring – of warm earth, budding leaves, and seeds sprouting. I also heard from a new friend in Malawi that most farmers there planted their crops last month, so things should be growing already! With those thoughts in mind, […]

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Stanly, Janet, and other new grant recipients completing their business plans with the guidance of Canaan Gondwe (standing).

Success Story: Fikani Bicycle Transporting Service

Business Members: Stanly Kumwenda (23), Janet Banda (20), Harry Kumwenda (child) Product: Bicycle Transportation Services Area served: Manyamula, Malawi Received SIA grant: $100 on October 9, 2014 Profit after 3 months: $105 Stanly and Janet married young. His parents never had money for enough food or clothing for everyone. The newlyweds were eager to start […]

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We have a new logo!

I am so excited to share Spirit in Action’s new logo! Wait, new logo? Did SIA have an old logo? Short answer, not really. Long answer, we only had a stylized font version of our name and so not really. This new logo is our opportunity to capture the spirit of our work in an image and […]

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The Yuba family shows us that they have enough food - good bread and chicken - from their pottery and kiosk business successes. (Kasozi, Uganda)

Fostering dignity in myself and others

“If I fail to treat someone with dignity, it is me, not them, who is undignified.” In other words, to keep my own dignity – that sense of self-respect and pride in oneself – I must honor everyone else’s dignity. Just because someone is poor it doesn’t mean they can’t or don’t have self-respect. In fact, […]

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