Serving to Honor Our Human Connection

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This week, I am reposting a post I wrote in June 2012 reflecting on what drives me to serve others. I was reminded of this post and the special importance of #4 (Serving to honor our connection with all of life) when I came across this quote: “To really see another person is to see ourselves, and to see ourselves is to see all beings.” 

What if we replace ‘see’ with ‘serve’? “To really serve another person is to serve ourselves, and to serve ourselves is to serve all beings.” A powerful thought to ponder this week.


Spirit in Action local coordinators; building peace

SIA partners build community and serve with joy!

1. Serve to discover abundance: the radical shift from me to we

Serving with people all across the globe opens my eyes to the great abundance of our world. There are people out there that have so many diverse experiences and unique stories. I’ve always loved to travel and see and experience new places; wanting to explore that abundance held in the world inspires my correspondence and world service today.

2. Serve to express gratitude

I am so grateful that I understand technology and actually enjoy figuring technology things out. Because I am grateful for this talent and I want to put it to good use, tinkering with Spirit in Action’s website is a natural outpouring of gratitude. When I was a child my dad always told me to say thank you “loud enough so that they can hear you.” Now when I think of that reminder, it’s not just about speaking louder – it’s also about letting my actions, as well as my words, show my community that I recognize what I’ve been given and I’m giving back what I have to share.

I am grateful for summer sun and ripe tomatoes.

I am grateful for summer sun and ripe tomatoes.

3. Serve to transform yourself

When I worked at an insurance company I put in my hours each day and when I got home I rested. Working for Spirit in Action pushes me each day. I believe in our work and our programs, and I honor our partners, and so it’s not just enough to skate by in my work. I feel the need to constantly be learning new things, better ways to do things, to communicate, and to relate in the world. It’s only because I care about those I am serving that I push to transform myself.

4. Serve to honor our profound interconnection

Each small act of service is an unending ripple that synergizes with countless others.
Paying it forward, Sharing the Gift – these are such simple and inspiring practices. That ripple keeps going and it becomes larger than I can know or understand. Being a part of the unending ripple of goodness and caring is why I serve. When I serve my friends by playing with their fun, energetic toddlers, I am honoring interconnectedness in the larger human family – across familial and generational lines.

 5. Serve to align with a natural unfolding

This phrase so clear brings to mind the first line of “God Calling…” by Del Anderson, “By My grace, you have the privilege to be used as My yeast, My salt, to be My quickening Spirit manifested . . . now.” For me, seizing this privilege to be God’s yeast in the world is part of the natural unfolding of expanding compassion in the world. As Martin Luther King, Jr. often quoted “”The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” and serving for me is reaching up and grabbing that arc and bending justice a bit closer to the now.

 *What inspires you to serve others? Please share in the comments section!

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4 Comments on "Serving to Honor Our Human Connection"

  • Caleb Jeremiah Injuko says

    Hallelujah. Even Jesus served. It is wonderful. Continue doing this wonderful work, for we are all servants.We like it.
    Caleb Injuko

  • Caleb J. Injuko says

    We need to lead exemplary life and we shall win

  • caleb Injuko says

    When i do reread this massages i always receive new strength and encouragement. Jesus said do to others the way we want others to do to us. The word of God encourages me to assist others. Carrying one another’s burdens.
    Caleb J. Injuko

  • caleb Injuko says

    The story of four people.
    The first person God told him ” go and sit beside the river where people take bath from, hide there and what you see don’t react or do anything.” So he went.
    The second person came to the river and put aside his sword,his gold and removed his clothes and begun to take bath.After bathing he clothed himself took the sword forgetting his gold went on his way.
    The third person took shower and when he saw the gold , he took it and went away with it.
    The fourth came and begun to bath.
    The man who forgot the gold came back and found this man taking shower and begun to quarrel him demanding his gold from him. He went to the extend of wanting to slaughter the innocent man.
    The first man could want to go and save the man telling the truth but God had forbidden him.
    Faithfulness to God even in time of danger, hardship etc is essential. Patient pays.
    Caleb Jeremiah Injuko

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