So sunny you could boil an egg!

Camily Wedende was excited for us to visit his solar cooker storefront in Eldoret, Kenya last month. He eagerly texted our host and driver, Dennis Kiprop, to find out when we would get there.

After a long trek down crowded roads, Boyd Cothran, my husband and SIA Board member, Dennis Kiprop, and I finally made it there. Even though the sky threatened rain, there was enough solar energy to “hard boil” an egg in one of Camily’s solar cookers!

Camily proudly showed us around his shop, telling us of grateful customers and interested potential customers. Solar cookers greatly reduce the need to search for firewood and eliminate the need for expensive cooking fuel, features that are especially appealing for rural Kenyans and internal refugees.

Below is a photo essay of our visit to the Sun Cookers International store.

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3 Comments on "So sunny you could boil an egg!"

  • Edward says

    oh wonderful hope we caan save the environment if we can use it but is it affordable to the rural masses?

  • admin says

    Hi Edward,
    They are relatively affordable, especially because Camily uses local materials that are relatively inexpensive. I believe he sells the cookers for about $10 each. People can purchase them in installments, if they cannot pay all at once. Also, if you consider how much you can save on not buying cooking fuel, I think the investment is worthwhile even for rural people!


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