The sun FUELS many projects!

Camily Wedende likes to spread the word about the benefit of solar cookers, which use the sunlight as “fuel” to pasteurize water and slow-cook food.

In additional to receiving several SIA Community Grants to make solar cookers for families in refugee camps near Eldoret, Kenya, Camily also works with students to explore solar cooker technology. The following update was included in the latest newsletter from Solar Cookers International of Sacramento, CA. It is inspiring to read about these great innovations!


February 2011: Student success with solar cooking

The Eldoret Student Projects in Kenya, spear­headed by Camily Wedende of Sun Cookers International, and aided by long­distance advisor, Sharon Cousins, board member of Solar Cookers International, have taken an important step in that spread with a student team who not only learned how to cook with sunshine but also learned to take a creative and scientific approach to solar cooking. Students researched existing solar cookers on the Solar Cookers World Network site. They put their heads together and came up with new ideas to try. They performed Imparative tests on an existing model and two of their prototypes.

Students display their solar cooker prototypes

While all three reached cooking temperatures, one innovation showed the strongest performance at their location. All twenty students built durable solar panel cookers to take home to the camps where they live, and have been using them to prepare food and provide water pasteurization for their families. They keep records of their progress and experiments, amazing the neighbors who stop by to see food cooking in a stove powered by sunshine, a stove that children in their community helped to invent. Camily and the team hope that other schools and clubs can use the example of their pilot project to help more youth become scientists for solar cooking, to aid in the spread of this bright idea whose time has come.

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2 Comments on "The sun FUELS many projects!"

  • There are now two officially registered fledgling nonprofits engaged in this work, Solar Cooking Science Projects, of Eldoret, Kenya, which Camily registered last month, and Student Solar Cooking Science Projects, registered in the USA (State of Idaho), formed to raise support and provide advice and encouragement out our sister organization and pilot program in Eldoret, and maybe even in other places someday if we can get the pilot program well established in a suitable facility. I expect the young people of Eldoret will continue to do us proud if we can get them established in better space for working and storing equipment, etc., and they will give us a replicable model for spreading not only solar cooking but self-confidence and a sensible but creative scientific approach that will stand young people in good stead in other areas of life.

    People who want to know more about how the work with our student projects is gong can visit our fledgeling website, where there is some basic information, a page with donation link and information for those who would like to join our support team. There are also links to our pages on the solar cooking wiki and on Facebook.

    Sharon Cousins, Founder and Director of Student Solar Cooking Science Projects and solar cooking advocate and innovator.


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