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McDonald Kajan (Malawi) holds up his veg and new cell phone

Cell Phones in 1955? How about cell phones of prayer?

These days, cell phones, texting, and Skype (online video calls) increasingly help build the global friendships that draw us all closer together. The following excerpt from Glenn Clark’s 1955 Fellowship Messanger article seems to predict the invention of Skype and cell phones, which allow us to connect with each other without effort. This concept soon leads us […]

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Top 7 Moments (& Photos) from CFOI Peru

Here are the top seven moments and photos from my recent trip to the Camps Farthest Out International (CFOI) Camp in Peru. For more about CFOI, please visit their website. Our founder, Del Anderson, was a past President of CFOI and many of our grantees have come through this connection. 1. Meeting of Cultures This […]

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Cecil Coipollai and his family in Chennai, India

Time for International Camp!

By the time you read this I’ll already be on my way to Lima, Peru for the Camps Farthest Out International 10th International Camp! I’m looking forward to 10 days of fellowship with friends from around the world, praying for peace, and singing songs in many languages. This week I’m reposting a piece from July 5, […]

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Camily Wedende (Kenya) brings his passion for solar cookers to train women in refugee camps to build and use the cookers.

The Valley – Where spirit is called into action

Last week I talked about the power of language – saying what you mean and meaning what you say – and this week’s post continues on that theme. We take our name SPIRT in ACTION very seriously and we see the work of our organization as a way engage our spirits in global, good works. […]

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Thesolaf, market 11-08

Choosing Grant Recipients

A friend recently asked me about how Spirit in Action chooses our grant recipients. I first launched into an account about how we work with Small Business Fund Coordinators who help choose people in their community and how the Board votes on proposals we receive from partners and new contacts. After listening patiently to that explanation, […]

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