Thank you from SIA & Updates from Uganda

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed financially to Spirit in Action in 2010. Your contributions helped us exceed our end-of-the-year $10,000 goal (we raised $13,341 since November!) In the whole of 2010, 92 individual donors gave for a total of $31,616. Wow! Spirit in Action is blessed to have so many supporters.

Thanks to our generous matching donors from the SIA Board of Directors, your gifts will go twice as far toward helping us expand our micro-grants, self-help programs, and solar cooker projects.

Because of your support, we’re able to help grassroots community organizations around the world improve their villages through skills training, micro-savings programs, and small-scale, responsive financial support.

The latest Business Reports I received were from coordinator Nalu Prossy in Uganda. She trained five new small business groups in June 2010, including Mariam Nakidde’s Maize growing business. Three months after a $100 initial grant from SIA, the business has generated $58 in profit. Perhaps most importantly, “It has made them to plan for their future,” reports Ms. Prossy.

Thank you —without your support, projects just like this one would not be possible. If you donated in the first quarter of 2010, it is possible that your donation directly helped Ms. Makidde’s business!

We also welcome your prayer support for favorable farming weather in eastern Africa this year!

Musings and Gratitude

The end of the year is a good time to pause and reflect on our lives – preparing oursleves for the newness of the coming year.

This week I have taken some time to think about what makes me proud of Spirit in Action? What are we doing that I think is unique and valuable for the world? How do we act that creates more honesty and truth in the world?

Here are the top 6 (I couldn’t keep it to only 5!) things about my work that makes me proud:

  1. We are a small-scale organization, with a focus on small-scale projects, and have a direct impact on others in need.
  2. We work for long-range development rather than respond to crises.
  3. We treat our grant recipients like partners rather than victims.
  4. We maintain a strong spiritual core that is not doctrinal.
  5. Our coordinators volunteer their time because they are passionate about improving their lives and the lives of others.
  6. (For me personally) I get to tell other people about our projects, sharing stories of hope and opportunity.

What about SIA makes you proud? Let us know by posting a comment below!

Keeping the Dream Alive

This year we asked for your financial help and have been so humbled by the response! People have shared both encouraging words and financial donations. We rely on individual donations for 100% of our funding, so your contributions (along with the Board Challenge Fund) are crucial for SIA to be able to continue our passionate work that makes me so proud.

I want specifically to thank those donors who have joined our Dreamer’s Circle by making monthly contributions to SIA. Thank you!

  • Ed and Pilar Ruddell
  • Wendy and Terry Silverthorn
  • Teresa Smith
  • Anonymous (2)

It not too late to support Spirit in Action in 2010! Your contribution will support people and projects like these:

Dennis Kiprop (Kenya) leads a workshop for new small business owners.

Dennis Kiprop (Kenya) leads a workshop for new small business owners.

Teenage boys in DR Congo learn carpentry skills.

Teenage boys in DR Congo learn carpentry skills.

Woman in DR Congo prepares donuts to sell at the market.

Woman in DR Congo prepares donuts to sell at the market.

Rise to the Challenge!

This year several members of the Spirit in Action Board of Directors have created a Challenge Grant, matching all contributions to SIA up to $10,000 between now and the end of the year. This means you have a special opportunity to have your donation matched dollar-for-dollar. Now your donation can go even further to helping those most in need around the world.

We are already 75% of the way to our goal for the end of the year! Thank you to those that have already risen to the challenge! Please consider making a gift of $25 or more to SIA by the end of the year to take advantage of this special Challenge Grant.

Malawi Chicken project SIA grant

Women in Malawi raise chickens with the help of a SIA grant.

One individual at a time, those who contribute to Spirit in Action are empowering individuals in developing countries and giving them the support they need to succeed and thrive. Thank you for your support of Spirit in Action!

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