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Chickens in a coop at a school campus in Kitale, Kenya.

Making me happy: Savings Groups, Moringa, & the Unexpected

I started my morning today with one of the things making me happy this week: Moringa Green Tea! And from there I read a great article about local leadership in Liberia and then received an encouraging update from the new savings and loans group in Zambia. I guess you can say that there are a […]

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Joshua shows off the great crops grown with compost and no other inputs! More food and less expensive to produce.

3 Ways SIA Partners are Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day celebrations may last over a weekend but what about the long-term? Here are three examples of Spirit in Action partners promoting techniques that benefit the earth and their communities: 1. Intercropping in Malawi Have you heard about the Three Sisters? Beans, squash, and corn grown together get the blue ribbon in the intercropping […]

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Healthy corn plants in Malawi.

Bonus! 5 Newsletter Additions.

Welcome new visitors and long-time readers. The SIA Fall/Winter Newsletters are on their way to you this week! There was too much good stuff for the amount of space in the newsletter, so this post is a newsletter bonus supplement. (If you want to get a sneak peak at the newsletter, you can download the […]

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doughnut women

5 Cool SIA-related Things

1. Sharing the Gift: Five groups of women in Malawi received SIA grants in 2009 to start their own bakeries and grocery shops. Then in May 2011 the women chose to honor the gift they had received from SIA by SHARING THE GIFT with Ms. Mickness Msumba also from their village. They contributed flour, sugar […]

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Tanya and student volunteers at SIA poultry project house.

Chickens for Education

The view out the window of the minibus from Eldoret to Kitale, Kenya was surprisingly familiar. Though I was on a continent well known for its deserts, the rows and rows of corn made the Kenyan countryside look just like the rolling hills of Iowa or South Dakota! I now know that Kitale is the […]

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