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Some of the team in Manyamula Village in Malawi that is standing up for justice and hope in their community.

Called to action – now

Yesterday, Boyd and I took our lunch break to read Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail aloud to each other. Reading it in its entirety, rather than in a series of quotes, I was impressed by frequent references to God, Jesus, and Biblical figures. There are many deeply moving quotes from King about […]

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Sometimes it's the photos that are blurry and candid that capture the most joy. Here I am with SBF Coordinator Dennis Kiprop in 2011.

Joy, when you need it most

My brothers and sisters, think of the various tests you encounter as occasions for joy. — James 1:2 What does joy feel like? For me, it is a feeling of expanse and effortlessness, an emotion that fills my heart and soul. Joy opens me to experience something that feels bigger than I alone. Thinking about […]

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Mat-maker in Uganda. Co-creator with God.

Co-Creators with the Divine

From the writings of Del Anderson (1906-2008), Spirit in Action Founder, in honor of his birthday on July 17th: God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves.  We are not created as puppets to be manipulated and controlled.  The Holy One does not force us to make certain decisions or to […]

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Role models that inspire SIA

Preparing for the Spirit in Action 16th Anniversary earlier this month gave me a chance to reflect on the role models that are the foundation of Spirit in Action’s vision. Below is my reflection on three leaders that keep me encouraged and inspired: We spent three days with Canaan Gondwe in Malawi and it felt […]

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A lioness looks to the mountain in Samburu National Park in Kenya

Dreaming Large for 2012!

Dream large, my soul, dream large God thinks His thoughts through thee If thou canst dream freedom for all Mankind shall yet be free.  Dream large, my soul, dream large God wills for all His peace If thou canst dream true brotherhood Some day all war shall cease. By Myrtle Williamson I appreciate the beginning […]

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