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Winkly with pigs

Bottom Line: Generosity and Micro-Grants Reduce Poverty

By the time I launched into my opening story about Winkly and Jane in Malawi the classroom at Illinois College was pretty full. About 60 students and faculty were there for my discussion of micro-finance and my passionate defense of micro-grants as the best pathway out of poverty. In the three minutes before I remembered […]

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Ripples of Change

Have you seen this map? It shows just how BIG Africa is. It’s easy to lump a lot all together under the label of “Africa.” And yet, Africa is an entire continent – one that could fit the United States, India, China, Eastern Europe, and a number of western European countries, all within it’s borders! […]

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SIA faces of compassion

Moving, and Meeting Angels

This is an excerpt from a talk that I gave at Bonny Doon Presbyterian Church, sharing my personal journey and about my work with Spirit in Action. ˜ Tanya If you’ve ever moved to a new place, you know that it can be really hard. New places can be uncomfortable; they force you to encounter […]

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Happily serving the world: Jack, Canaan, & Tanya

Why I Serve

I went to a great “story swap” last night, where I and other non-profit professionals heard and shared our personal stories about what drives us to work for social change. The exchange of such inspiring stories left me yearning for more time to contemplate my motivations, core goals, and professional “origin story.” So until I […]

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Godfrey Matovu (Uganda) and Tanya Cothran in Kenya, August 2011

Positive Change in Uganda

Did you catch the hype and fury around the KONY 2012 video about Uganda last week? The video, by Invisible Children, Inc. told about the violence in Uganda in the recent past. However, many people in Uganda are presenting their own responses to the video. “How do you tell the story of Africans?” asks Rosebell […]

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