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Rehema us tells about how the savings group keeps their funds secure, and their records accurate.

Opening a Savings Account in Uganda

We sat on very small wooden stools and faced a group of about Ugandan 25 women sitting on woven leaf mats. In between us sat a green metal box with three locks. I listened with growing excitement as Rehema Mutesi told me and the other Small Business Coordinators about the Kasozi Village Savings Group. If the women kept the […]

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Canaan Gondwe poses on MAVISALO's new motorcycle. A log book will track usage, mileage, and scheduled maintenance.

New Wheels for MAVISALO (Grant Update)

Do you know that joy? That moment when, after saving and saving, you finally have enough to make that big purchase? The Manyamula Village Savings and Loans Cooperative (MAVISALO) felt that joy this month. After six months of diligent saving the Motorcycle Fund reached it goal! Growing Grassroots To back-up a second, SIA supported the […]

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Vestor with the car he bought with a grant and low-interest loan from the Manyamula Village Savings and Loans Cooperative.

When it’s hard to save; but that might be okay.

I’ve often read that the importance of women’s savings and loans cooperatives or savings circles in Africa is that they address two challenges: These women are unable to access formal savings services at banks because of distance, access, or minimum requirements; Saving at home is difficult, especially when extended family members live nearby. Women who are known […]

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Chickens in a coop at a school campus in Kitale, Kenya.

Making me happy: Savings Groups, Moringa, & the Unexpected

I started my morning today with one of the things making me happy this week: Moringa Green Tea! And from there I read a great article about local leadership in Liberia and then received an encouraging update from the new savings and loans group in Zambia. I guess you can say that there are a […]

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Money generated from small milling fees help cover costs of running the savings and loans cooperative. This helps keep interest rates low.

Last post of 2013! Maize Mills Photos!

Canaan Gondwe had seen other non-profits come and go through his village in rural Malawi. Some came to build things (things that sometimes didn’t last) and some came to start programs. But Canaan had a vision for something that would last because of local involvement, because of local investment, and because of local leadership. And […]

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