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Money generated from small milling fees help cover costs of running the savings and loans cooperative. This helps keep interest rates low.

Last post of 2013! Maize Mills Photos!

Canaan Gondwe had seen other non-profits come and go through his village in rural Malawi. Some came to build things (things that sometimes didn’t last) and some came to start programs. But Canaan had a vision for something that would last because of local involvement, because of local investment, and because of local leadership. And […]

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Glory Tembo sells boiled fish in the Manyamula market (Malawi).

Options: Better than Teaching a Man to Fish in the Desert

Today’s post is by Jerry Elmer, a long-time friend of Spirit in Action.* Most everyone has heard the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It sounds very profound – until you realize that teaching someone to fish […]

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mal_can_33-39 training_receiving money

More than Wealth: Justice

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth. It is justice.” – Leonardo Boff One of Spirit in Action’s callings is to create more opportunities for social justice – working towards a world based on equality, solidarity, and human dignity. One project that we have supported is the Manyamula Village Savings and Loans Group (MAVISALO), a […]

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Thank you from SIA & Updates from Uganda

Happy New Year! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed financially to Spirit in Action in 2010. Your contributions helped us exceed our end-of-the-year $10,000 goal (we raised $13,341 since November!) In the whole of 2010, 92 individual donors gave for a total of $31,616. Wow! Spirit in Action is blessed […]

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The women leaders of CIFORD in front of their office.

CIFORD Kenya: Compassionate Community Action

In April of this year, I got an email from Margaret Ikiara. She works for Community Initiatives for RuralDevelopment (CIFORD Kenya) in the Meru North district of Kenya, and was writing to begin a partnership between CIFORD and SIA. I receive many emails every year from people asking for assistance but Margaret’s letter caught my […]

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