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Winkly and his wife invited us in their home to tell how they both received and gave piglets through Sharing the Gift. They are proud of their brick house.

Generosity is Catching

Last week I heard another story of pay-it-forward generosity. A chain of 457 people each offered to pay for the drink of the person behind them at the Florida Starbucks drive-thru. There’s something about generosity. When we see other people giving we also want to give. My Facebook feed has been flooded (no pun intended) with buckets of […]

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Lackson generously shared one of the piglets with Tiwonenji.

Sharing the Gift in Malawi (x2)

Sometimes giving the perfect gift is more fun than receiving and unwrapping a gift, right? Do you know that feeling of knowing just the right gift for someone, and being in the position to get it for them? It’s exciting! This excitement of giving is right at the center of our Small Business Fund (SBF) […]

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The next generation of piglets will be passed on to vulnerable families in the community.

A reminder of goodness in the world

Have you heard those stories about people pulling up to the coffee drive-through window, ready to order, only to find out that the person in front of them has already paid for their drink? What a gift! And often, that person turns around and pays for the person behind them – passing along the gift […]

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Sharing the Gift of a pig in Uganda.

The case for giving grants, not loans

Micro-grants? Micro-loans? A conversation with a friend about how our Small Business Fund grants compare with micro-credit programs gave me the chance to explain why SIA gives grants and not loans to help alleviate poverty. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It used to be common sense that micro-loans were the only way to ensure the sustainability of a micro-finance […]

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I am grateful for summer sun and ripe tomatoes.

Serving to Honor Our Human Connection

*I’m working on upgrading our website. I apologize for the unfinished look!   This week, I am reposting a post I wrote in June 2012 reflecting on what drives me to serve others. I was reminded of this post and the special importance of #4 (Serving to honor our connection with all of life) when I came […]

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