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Stanly, Janet, and other new grant recipients completing their business plans with the guidance of Canaan Gondwe (standing).

Success Story: Fikani Bicycle Transporting Service

Business Members: Stanly Kumwenda (23), Janet Banda (20), Harry Kumwenda (child) Product: Bicycle Transportation Services Area served: Manyamula, Malawi Received SIA grant: $100 on October 9, 2014 Profit after 3 months: $105 Stanly and Janet married young. His parents never had money for enough food or clothing for everyone. The newlyweds were eager to start […]

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Tanya and Boyd visiting a Small Business Fund family in Manyamula Village, Malawi.

How do we choose?

People often ask me about how Spirit in Action chooses the groups who receive our $150 Small Business Fund (SBF) grants. Today, I’ll share just two of the factors that help us in our decisions. Community Part of how we choose is determined by where our Small Business Fund Local Coordinators are located. Rather than choose […]

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Jamarose Onyango is the treasurer for the SIA merry-go-round savings group in Nairobi. She translated from the local language into English for us.

Business is Booming in Nairobi

I wrote a few weeks ago about adapting to the challenges of starting small businesses in the slums of Nairobi. Slums are crowded spaces with temporary structures that people live in permanently. And they are also places brimming with shops, stalls, and roadside hawkers. This week Wambui Nguyo, our local coordinator in Nairobi, sent an […]

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Rev. Issac has hired these two young men to form bricks for a new rental house. They will make about 15,000 bricks for the project, which will be left to dry for 3 days in the sun. The bricks will then be  burned to increase their strength. The men will earn about 1 cent per brick, or about $150 for the whole project.

Malawi Small Business Fund in Five Photos

Five photos from our visit with Small Business Fund families in Manyamula Village, Malawi in July. For more about the Small Business Fund, read the FAQs here.   Read more stories about Spirit in Action in Malawi!

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A boy, a son of a SBF partner, plays with a tire, running and pushing it along the courtyard of Josephine's compund in Korogocho.

Learning to work in the city

What’s your image of where people live in Kenya? In crowded, polluted slums? In huts on savannahs? Even though about two-thirds of Kenyans live in rural areas, more than 1.5 million people live in informal settlements around Nairobi. Spirit in Action works with partners in the slums, in the rural areas, and in emerging “in-between […]

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