Thank you from SIA & Updates from Uganda

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed financially to Spirit in Action in 2010. Your contributions helped us exceed our end-of-the-year $10,000 goal (we raised $13,341 since November!) In the whole of 2010, 92 individual donors gave for a total of $31,616. Wow! Spirit in Action is blessed to have so many supporters.

Thanks to our generous matching donors from the SIA Board of Directors, your gifts will go twice as far toward helping us expand our micro-grants, self-help programs, and solar cooker projects.

Because of your support, we’re able to help grassroots community organizations around the world improve their villages through skills training, micro-savings programs, and small-scale, responsive financial support.

The latest Business Reports I received were from coordinator Nalu Prossy in Uganda. She trained five new small business groups in June 2010, including Mariam Nakidde’s Maize growing business. Three months after a $100 initial grant from SIA, the business has generated $58 in profit. Perhaps most importantly, “It has made them to plan for their future,” reports Ms. Prossy.

Thank you —without your support, projects just like this one would not be possible. If you donated in the first quarter of 2010, it is possible that your donation directly helped Ms. Makidde’s business!

We also welcome your prayer support for favorable farming weather in eastern Africa this year!

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2 Comments on "Thank you from SIA & Updates from Uganda"

  • John Bayer says

    Tanya, I hope you got my little comment I made yesterday regarding the wonderful feedback we now get through your great efforts via the website and the newsletter. Miriam Nakidde’s maize business and the $58 profit in just 3 months is a classic example of that. What are the chances we can also get feedback from the coordinators on how people plan to pay their grants forward. When telling others about us, I often emphasize the uniqueness of SIA and use the pay-it-forward concept as an example of the creativity that comes from allowing people to decide how to pay back a portion of what they’ve been given. Glad you had a productive time at CFOI. Love and God’s blessings, John

  • We are a local farmers group in our country, Uganda – Luwero district.
    We have a small fish pond where we are reariing a school of about
    1000 fish – (Tilapia). We need to expand our project but we are
    limited by funds.
    Therefore the purpose of this mail is to ask you whether you can offer
    us any kind of assistance that can boost our fish farming.


    Batte Yusufu

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