Gratefully Remembering Del Anderson

Here is a letter from Marsha Johnson, a long time friend and co-worker of Del regarding his passing. If you have other memories or appreciations of Del you can send them to

Many of Del’s inspirational writings are available free on the Spirit in Action website:


My dear SIA friends,

I’ve been able to reach most of you today by phone to let you know that Del “graduated” (as he would have said) into his new life this afternoon. He had been at the same skilled nursing facility where Lucile is for the past two weeks, which gave them precious time together. He has truly been ready for a long time, so I am celebrating his transition, and at the same time feeling the sadness of knowing he’s no longer here as I’ve known him to be. Now, in Spirit, powerfully, I’m sure…. I am together with you in Spirit as we all honor in special ways the profound presence Del has been in our lives.

The SIA board is planning a celebration of Del’s life for all those who would like to gather:

Celebration of Del Anderson’s life Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008
3:00 PM
Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church
3534 Lakeshore Ave. (at Mandana)

Always with love and appreciation for you,

New York Times article: More Diplomats Needed

“This year alone, the United States Army will add about 7,000 soldiers to its total; that’s more people than in the entire American foreign service,” writes Nicholas Kristof, a New York Times columnist.

This is a very encouraging article loudly calling attention to the need for more diplomats and funds to support important and necessary diplomacy on behalf of the US. The columnist points out that the United States has more musicians in its military bands than it has diplomats!

You can read the New York Times article by clicking here.

In addition, the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobby group, has a very helpful webpage about how anyone can “urge Congress to make diplomacy a priority and to implement lasting structures for peace.”

The first step toward peace on earth is loving, praying for, and talking with your neighbors and enemies.

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