3 days left until…Moni Malawi! Hello Malawi!

Soccer Balls to bring to Africa

Gifts to bring to Africa

Three more days of packing and planning before Boyd and I board the plane to Malawi! We are so excited and blessed to go visit Spirit in Action-supported projects in Kenya and Malawi over the next month. Some of the highlights of our visit are:

  • We will be visiting 5 SIA grant projects, interviewing project participants and listening to feedback from our partners.
  • We will meet with all 8 Small Business Fund Coordinators, training and working together to make our micro-enterprise program more effective.
  • We are bringing 2 laptops, 3 cameras, and 2 flash drives to give to our coordinators, so that they can provide better documentation to SIA.
  • We also are bringing soccer balls, frisbee disks, pens and pencils (donated by a SIA supporter!) to give to SIA partners and their families.
This fancy map shows our general itinerary and lists the projects we will be visiting.
(Click the link below the map to see dates and descriptions of the locations.)

View SIA Africa Trip 2011 in a larger map.

These visits will help us get a real sense of what is happening on the ground, allow us to understand the impact of SIA-supported projects, and strengthen our international network of people service God by helping others! Please keep us and everyone we will meet in your prayers for safety, joy, and peace.

Thank you to everyone who had made this visit possible! We couldn’t do it without the generous support of our donors! You can help support this trip too – donate now.

P.S. I’ll be gone July 22nd – August 20th. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post to the blog or Facebook while I’m away. I’m sure I will return with lots of stories and photos, which I’ll share with you this fall.

Happy Birthday, Del!

One of the temporary kitchens set up in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fires.
One of the temporary kitchens set up in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fires. From the National Archives Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives

105 years ago this Sunday, on July 17th 1906, Del Anderson was born in San Francisco amidst the rubble and destruction from the 1906 earthquake and fire.

“It seems that he was an incredible man who lived a very purposeful life to the end,” remarked Chingwell Mutombu of First Step Initiative, who recently learned about Del’s life and service through Spirit in Action. Indeed, Del was active in his prayer life and letter writing, with a goal to send several letters each day, until he left this earth in 2008.

Just before his 100th birthday, Del and his wife, Lucile, wrote, “both of us have discovered in our own ways that our desires today are to be more open to who we truly are, and knowing that, to be more loving, more caring, more understanding, less critical, and more accepting of ourselves and others. This is OUR way of growing peace in the world.”

Del and Bebe

Del and his first wife, Bebe, who died of cancer in 1972.

This week, to honor Del’s birthday I repeat his 100th birthday request:

  • We request that people join us, wherever they are located, in focusing our prayers that day [July 17th] for peace, justice, and compassion for all people, including themselves and those closest to them.
  •  We invite each person to join us in being open to his/her unique way of serving others.
As we celebrate Del’s long, purposeful life this week, let us consider our way of growing peace in the world and serving others who need a caring word or helping hand.

Happy birthday, Del!

For more of Del’s writings and a mini-biography, visit: http://godsspiritinaction.org/about-us/founder

Spirit in Action in India

The work of Spirit in Action, to serve God by serving others through economic empowerment projects, rests on the strong relationships we have with our many partners around the world. In our early years, we relied on the many connections that our founder, Del Anderson, had made through his tenure as President of Camps Farthest Out (CFO) International, an organization that seeks to spread peace throughout the world through prayer.

Cecil Coipollai and his family in Chennai, India

One such connection was with Cecil Coipollai, a CFO leader in Chennai, India. Cecil and Del met at an international meeting in 1979 and began exchanging letters, filled with sincere sharing, encouragement, and inspirational literature.

Del felt that we must serve the WHOLE person: body, mind, and spirit. Serving the spirit without acknowledging the needs of the mind and body was incomplete to Del. This is why our work includes economic development projects, as well as information resources and correspondence.

Cecil and other CFOers in South Asia have received various kinds of support from Spirit in Action, including a small grant in 2005 to help with recovery efforts after the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Also, Del sent some literature with every letter to Cecil and the little book titled, Seed Thoughts for Daily Meditation was one of his favorites.

When Del died in fall 2008, Cecil wrote me about his desire to print the Seed Thoughts booklet in English and the local language of Tamil to distribute to CFOers in Sri Lanka and Chennai. He wanted to share this piece, which had inspired both Del and Cicil so much over the years.

This year, that dream is becoming a reality and the booklet will be ready for distribution in Chennai this fall! I hope that many more people will find hope through this booklet which reminds us of God’s presence all around us each day of the week.

Here is a short excerpt from Seed Thoughts. If you would like a copy of the booklet, please email me.

Tuesday: God is Power

When we draw on our own nerve energy and shut off God’s power then we quickly feel tired and exhausted. When we relax the feeling of strain and draw only on God’s power, quietly expecting God to work through us, then we feel no physical strain, but rather exhilaration and refreshment of spirit. “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” – Isiah 40:31

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