Grants List

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Spirit in Action Community Grants since 2009.

November 2016

**Namaiyana Women’s Group (in partnership with Pastorialist Child Foundation) (Kenya) $1,860 – Construct a roadside shop for the women to sell their jewelry to tourists. The women already own the piece of land.

**Samro School & Polytechnic School (Samuel Teimuge) (Kenya) $5,677 – School fees for twelve elementary school students, and boarding fees for eight students.

**Kawaza Youth Organization (Malawi) $5,000 – Construct a girls changing room at one school; buy materials for sewing femenine pads; hosting engagement meetings between parents, mother groups, teachers and development committees regarding girls’ rights. All with the aim of enabiling more girls to attend school on an ininterrupted basis.


July 2016

**Entrepreneurship Motivation Network (EMNET) (Malawi) $5,000 – Implementing the Junior Achievement Company Program in 5 rural and 5 urban schools in souther Malawi, teaching 250 high school students about running a business.

**Lubengoa Women Development Association (LUWODEA) (Uganda) $5,000 – Purchasing improved tools for making fuel briquettes from recycled raw materials. Training 160 families to produce their own briquettes in order to reduce smoke and deforestation, and earn extra income.

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**Megabridge Foundation (Kenya) $5,100 – Pig rearing and sharing project. Purchasing 10 sows and two boars and building a breeding facility. Piglets will be shared with 70 women in Meru, Kenya.

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December 2015

**Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD) (Kenya) $5,610 – Empowerment Workshops for 65 boys and 65 girls, including anti-FGM training and an alternative rite of passage.

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**Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative (Malawi) $6,208 – Additional funds for finishing construction of the training center building. These funds will go towards electrification, additional cement, furniture, and contractor fees.

**Samro School & Polytechnic School (Samuel Teimuge) (Kenya) $4,979 – School fees, including teacher salaries, at the primary school.


July 2015

**Progressive Volunteers (Kenya) $530 – Additional 6-months rent for the dressmaking and tailoring training centre in Nairobi

**Caretakers Orphans Education Centre (Kenya) $4,464 – Bead-working Skills training workshop for 50 guardians of orphans and vulnerable children; 8 weekly classes and materials

**Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative (Malawi) $6,456 – For construction of a building, to be used by the cooperative as office space, conference rooms, restaurant, guest house, and meeting rooms.


December 2014

**Samro School & Polytechnic School (Samuel Teimuge) (Kenya) $5,660 – School fees at the primary and technical schools

**Progressive Volunteers (Kenya) $3,731 – Dressmaking and tailoring training centre in Nairobi

**Pastoralist Child Foundation (Kenya) $3,506 – Girls empowerment workshop, including anti-FGM training and an alternative rite of passage for 60 girls in Samburu

**Community Mobilization Against Poverty (CMAP) (Kenya) $3,000 – Sustainable agriculture training and seeds


June 2014

**Samro Polytechnic School (Samuel Teimuge) (Kenya) $2,484 – Water tank for Samro School

**Kakamega Tsindombela Women’s Group (Kenya) $2,205 – Fish ponds as an income generating activity


November 2013

**Raising the Village (Uganda/Canada) $1,782 – Agricultural development and training in Bucece Village

**Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD) (Kenya) $3,500 – Empowerment Skills Training Centre; sewing machines

**Welfare Concern International (WCI) (Zambia) $1,933 – Micro-credit training; loans; chicken project


June 2013

**Shape Lives Foundation (Ghana) $1,500 – Micro-credit program for poorest women

**Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative (formerly MAVISALO) (Canaan Gondwe) (Malawi) $1,500 – Motorcycle for the savings and investment cooperative members

**Samro School & Polytechnic School (Samuel Teimuge) (Kenya) $4,858 – Sewing machines  for training at Samro Polytechnic School and computers for all students at Samro schools


November 2012

**Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD) (Kenya) $2,000 – Girls empowerment workshop, community sensitization workshops, and alternative rites of passage ceremony


June 2012

**Manyamula Savings and Loans Cooperative (MAVISALO) (Canaan Gondwe) (Malawi) $4,000 – Maize Mill to be used by MAVISALO members and rented to the community. Income generating project for MAVISALO.


December 2011

**Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD) (Kenya) $3,500 – Girls empowerment workshop, community sensitization workshops, and alternative rites of passage ceremony

**Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD) (Kenya) $645 – Three water tanks for women’s group


November 2010

**Camily Wedende Solar Cooking (Kenya) $100 – Water pasteurization indicators (WAPIs) distribution and promotion


June 2010

**Manyamula Savings and Loans Cooperative (MAVISALO) (Canaan Gondwe) (Malawi) $6,240 – Poultry project (chickens and mash) in order to create a micro-savings group

**Common Ground Program (Kenya) $1,066 – poultry house and chicken rearing business; teaching students to raise chickens; selling eggs


January 2010

**Jacob Lipandasi and Jacky Buhoro (Democratic Republic of Congo) $500 – School tuition for 8 children


June 2009

**Benoit Malenge (Democratic Republic of Congo) $2,224 – Training of trainers in animal husbandry and gardening for displaced people who are returning after violence


January 2009

**Welfare Concern International (WCI) (Zambia) $3,000 – Construction of a training center for the organization’s use and to rent out for additional income