Wisdom from Del: I’m trusting….

Wisdom from Del: I’m trusting….

Del used to say that in times of uncertainty, or of challenge, or when he wasn’t sure what the right choice among many might be, that he would pray, “Father*, I’m trusting.” And by pray, I mean focus one-pointedly in it, so that you embody the intention, you become the prayer, which is another way of talking about praying without ceasing.


Simplest prayer in the world. And perhaps the most powerful.
Not, “I’m trusting about tomorrow.”
Not. “I trust You in yesterday.”


In THIS moment. In THIS now. With every fiber of my being, I relinquish all my opinions, preferences, and desires about any possible outcome.


I’m trusting, moment by moment. As you trust, as we trust and relinquish, God can work out God’s perfect plan.

*Tanya’s Note: ‘Father’ was Del’s word. For myself, I am using the prayer, Spirit, I’m trusting.

Del & Bebe at Sierra CFO camp [no date]

Del & Bebe at Sierra CFO camp [no date]

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2 Comments on "Wisdom from Del: I’m trusting…."

  • marsha johnson says

    Here’s a quote from an email I received from my brother this week (he’s in his early seventies) who has made a wonderful new friend. They were sharing about significant experiences in their lives.

    “When we were talking about our old Scoutmaster leaders Jim told me that he became lifelong friends with his and that he had a tremendous influence on him as he grew up. Turns out it was Del Anderson who was his leader.”

    Oh my! We’d be hard-pressed to count the number of lives Del impacted and inspired in his lifetime and continues to impact through his Spirit in Action legacy, scouting, and so much more. “Father, I’m trusting” has wide implications. May we be so open.


  • Tanya Cothran says

    Wow! That’s so cool!! That ripple from Del continues to grow and expand!

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